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Ueda I love You ...♥.....♪♫
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4th-Oct-2013 11:11 pm - UEDA 30TH B-DAY OMEDETOU!
JunDa rojo
♥~ お誕生日おめでとうございます ~♥
"Happy 30th Birthday!"

October 4th still in my country, so there is still time, this is my present to Ueda in his 30th birthday. Is not the best drawing but  I did with all my love for him (//∇//)
Happy 30th Birthday Ueda Tatsuya!
I love you so much and I admire you deeply, and with each year passing I admire you more.
Ganbatte Uepi!! \ (*O*)/ ~

Daniela Rojas Dibujo Ueda 04-10-2013
Made by me Hikarueda

JunDa rojo
Hello and thank you so much to come over here and take a look to my drawings. ( ^_^)/

These are my first fanarts after a long time. Today, I decided to take it up because for personal reasons I left it so, the best way to start is with my favorite pair, Taguchi Junnosuke and Ueda Tatsuya. ~♥

I don't feel I made a good drawing and I'm a little embarrassed but I wanted to share them with you because I'm happy to draw again.

Here my drawings are made with propelling pencil so they're just photos with no retouching or anything like that. Click on the image to a bigger view.

Taguchi Junnosuke

Taguchi 19-10-2012 Hikaru

Ueda Tatsuya  

Ueda 19-10-2012 Hikaru

I hope you like them and drop a comment please, all your words will help me to improve :D!

Many thanks! (*^3^)/〜☆ ~♥

p.s: Daniela Rojas is my real name  xP

4th-Oct-2012 12:31 am - UEDA 29TH B-DAY OMEDETOU!
uedi *0*
♥~ お誕生日おめでとうございます ~♥
"Happy 29th Birthday!"

uepi cumpleaños 29 x3

I made this hehe I hope you like it, I know it's very ugly., but it's with love *////* ♥ ♥ ♥
I love you and I'll love you forever ♥
I admire you too and I wish you the best in your life~~♥ ♥

1st-Dec-2011 02:49 am - Happy B-Day Taguchi *O* (belated)
JunDa mano <3
♥ お誕生日おめでとうございます ♥

Happy B-Day Taguchi *O*!!!!!!!

I love you x//D!!!!! ♥ (but Uepi loves you more XD ) ♥
so I made this JunDa pic in honor to Junno's Birthdays :3!

I hope you like it ^^!! ♥

Have a good day all :D!
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